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2023 Sold Out Awards!

The Sold Out and Full House Awards are the only recognitions Rogue gives to artists during the Festival. Recognition goes to acts who sold at least one of their shows to capacity (Sold Out) or came within 3 seats of doing so (Full House). The list is reported to Festival producers by the venue managers and confirmed through box office reporting.

Full Houses:
Kurt Fitzpatrick – Jester of All Maladies
Fool’s Collaborative – S’Will 3
Dorian Follansbee – Other People’s Showers
Ryan Adam Wells – 500 List (secret/off list show)

Sold Outs: 
Maverick Burlesque/LAByrinth – Cabaret Macabre
Martin Dockery – Every Good Story Ends With One
Jasmine Vang – Hmong Class 101
Les Kurkendall-Barrett- The Real Black Swann
Jon Bennett – AmeriCANT
Knit Purl – How to Traffic a Clown
Dance Naked Creative – Plan V
Fresno Writers Live
Tim Mannix, Magician
Kate McKnight – Ashes to Ashes
Jaguar Bennett – We’re Doomed