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How To Rogue

bryan pickens muse reveal in 2017


1. Get a Rogue Wristband – it is required for entry to every Rogue performance and is available at venues and at the Rogue Pop-Up Store. You only need to buy one. (It’s like paying admission to the carnival.)

2. Buy tix with credit/debit at the door of shows 30 min in advance or online at (or for Off-Rogue venues LAByrinth and Hart’s Haven). 100% of tickets goes to the artists. (These are the carnival rides you pay for once you’re inside!)

3. If you want to pay cash, buy Rogue Vouchers at the Rogue Store. (It’s like getting the roll up tickets at the kiosk for the carnival rides.)

4. Or buy a 10-Show Pass and get 20% off your show costs. (Getting a discount for buying bulk tickets for ALL of the carnival rides.)

5. Show up on time because all shows start promptly. (Carnival rides wait for no person.)

6. Post a review of the shows you see on (Tell your friends about all of the cool rides at the carnival!)

Got questions? Hit us up! #RogueFestival


  1. Remember to pick up a Rogue Wristband for $6 which is required to enter each show. 100% of your ticket goes to the performer. Your One-Time Purchase of a wristband goes toward the Rogue for things like equipment and venues. Wristbands are available at each venue and at the Rogue Pop-Up Store.
  2. Off-Rogue Venues handle their own ticketing and box office as well as their own volunteers. So plan to purchase tickets for Off-Rogue shows separately online. They also sell tickets at the door, just like regular Rogue venues.
  3. Our ticket tables at venues are now CASHLESS. Only credit/debit is accepted at the door of the shows. Cash customers can purchase show vouchers for cash at the Rogue Pop Up Store on the corner of Olive and Wishon under the flagpole. This new policy is primarily to reduce the risk our volunteers take while transporting and holding cash on the street. We appreciate your cooperation and ask you to plan accordingly.
  4. The Rogue Pop-Up store will be living the van life in the Chicken Pie Shop parking lot on the corner of Olive and Wishon. There you can get 10 Show Passes, Tees, and information on how to get your Rogue on! The Store typically opens 30 minutes before the first show and closes 15 minutes after the last show each day of the festival.
  5. Half of the tickets for each show are available online and half will always be available for purchase at the door 30 minutes prior to showtime. If a show sells out online, get to the venue a half an hour before the show to purchase tix!

And always, the best way to start Rogueing is to grab a Rogue program at any venue table, head to your first show 30 minutes prior to showtime, and they’ll get you set up with a wristband and all the information you need to have an excellent Festival!