The Artists Underground is a new program with Rogue Festival where individual artists can find or book their own shows with an area “venue” or “host” on their own steam and take control of their work. The artist is fully responsible for every aspect of their show, including set up, tear down, and box office management. The venue or host need only supply to the artist what they’ve agreed.

Artists must approach their proposed venue/host on their own. Rogue Festival is not involved with finding the artist a spot. The venue/host can host more than one artist, but scheduling them is up to the venue/host. Insurance needs are the responsibility of the artist or the venue/host.

We prefer that Artist Underground hosts be located in the areas of the Tower District, Fresno High, or Downtown.

For more information on the Artists Underground Program, click here (second half of article).


Let us know and we’ll put your name on the list of potential hosts for artists to contact. Contact us at