2018 Off-Rogue Venues (tentative): California Arts Academy, Severence

Artists interested in booking at an Off-Rogue for the Rogue Festival are encouraged to contact the above venues directly. The best time to book a spot is between September and October prior to the festival.


Off-Rogue Venues are businesses that book, staff, support, and run their own shows during Rogue Festival, and whose shows are included in the Rogue Festival lineup as Rogue Shows.  Artists book a slot and contract directly with the Off-Rogue business, bypassing the Rogue application process. All needs of the artist, fees, and payouts are handled by the business and are agreed to between the business and the artist. Rogue Festival offers promotional support and welcomes the artists and business as part of the Rogue family.

Off-Rogue businesses must contract with Rogue Festival and pay their fees prior to November 15th to be included for the next spring’s Festival. The best time to consider being an Off-Rogue is in the summer or early autumn of the year prior. 


Off-Rogue Businesses are responsible for the following general areas of managing their venue:

Performers – recruiting, booking, contracting, paying and collecting fees and payouts, scheduling, etc.

Venue management – scheduling, booking, support staff, box office staff, etc.

Organization – Fees, Shows, Training on TicketLeap System, reporting box office receipts, audience needs, insurance, etc.

Communication – show descriptions and promo information to Rogue Festival, accounting of box office totals, communication of Rogue directives to venue artists, etc.



Rogue Festival provides full promotional coverage for all Off-Rogue Venues and acts exactly the same as we do for Regular Rogue Acts. Acts and venues owners/staff are granted staff and performer badges to allow them free entrance into all Rogue Festival shows. Training on our TicketLeap ticket sales system is also provided by Rogue Festival as well as some accounting support to help reconcile the online ticket sales prior to payout.

Rogue Festival provides a check for all online ticket sales to the venue so the venue can then pay the artists their ticket money.


Fees the business must pay to Rogue Festival to be an Off-Rogue Venue is $600 for the first two performers listed, and $200 for every performer thereafter.  The business can charge whatever venue fee they wish to the artists.

To find out more about becoming an Off-Rogue Venue contact producer@fresnoroguefestival.com.