All of our 2018 Regular Rogue Venues have been signed. We are no longer signing new venues for this year. If you’d like to be a backup venue or express your interest for 2019, thank you! Please email us at

There are also opportunities to be an Off-Rogue Venue or an Artists Underground Host. Please check out those programs.

2018 Venues signed:

  • Mia Studio and Gallery
  • VISTA Theater
  • Dianna’s Studio of Dance
  • Spectrum Art Gallery
  • Fulton Street Art
  • Veni Vidi Vici. 

Regular Rogue Venues are venues rented and operated entirely by Rogue Festival volunteers, trained and overseen by Rogue Festival Staff.

There are three different divisions of Regular Rogue Venues:

Mainstage – mainstages have a generally larger seating capacity and come with a basic light and sound board and with a technician supplied. More theatrical shows tend to appear on the mainstages.  Seating capacity is usually 50 – 80.  Performer venue fee is usually $450 – $575.

Cafe – Cafes are smaller venues with little to no tech. A mic and a PA are supplied but there is no special lighting and no technician supplied. Best for acoustic music, solo storytelling, readings, etc.  Seating capacity is usually 40-50. Performer venue fee is $170.

Cafe Plus – We have one venue that has the same offerings as a Cafe, but a seating capacity of 70. It is located on the patio of a popular restaurant/bar and has cabaret style seating. Best for music or comedy acts.

To find out more about becoming a Regular Rogue Venue contact