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Audience Reviews

Rogue Festival has no jury to award prizes. We only give out “Sold Out” awards for those shows that get butts in seats. So YOUR REVIEWS are very important! After you see a show at the 2023 Rogue Festival, leave a short review here. It’s also a great way to add to the word-of-mouth on shows!

Scroll to the bottom to leave your review. Be sure to include the following:
*The name of the show and the venue
*The name of the performer
*What you liked about it
*Any constructive suggestions you might give
*What kind of person would love to see the show

Please keep in mind that we approve reviews before posting. We will not post any comments that include harassing, demeaning, or trolling language. We will also hold back comments that are irrelevant to the show as performed. Artists love your feedback, so long as it is given in good faith!

90 thoughts on “Audience Reviews”

  1. Thank you Eve! It was wonderful to have you and Bill in the audience 🤗. Glad you enjoyed the show 🥰😘

  2. Jon Bennett took us for a ride throughout his pandemic months and years. Good story-telling. I know the audience appreciated the slide show to go along with it–visuals were a good idea. By the way, the Cassowary is also a large flightless bird in Australia, not just the emu. Cassowaries are not the least bit friendly, though.

  3. Rosegold. Wow, Donna Kay Yarborough never disappoints. I have not had the chance to see this show in previous years and was so glad I was able to this time. She has you on the edge of your seat, drawn into the story, and picturing the events with her. Very good.

  4. We’re Just Tawking
    AJ Phillips

    Loved hearing AJ’s experiences and take on life. AJ had a great presence and many moments of humor with great audience participation. I’m already looking forward to next year’s show.

  5. Worst Rock-n-Roll Name Ever – Goldstein’s
    Mike Alexander

    Really nice songs. If you think Mike Alexander should change his name, come to this show, People, and give him a better name!

  6. We’re Just Tawking – Goldstein’s
    AJ Phillips

    The title of this show is deceptive. There was an equal amount of laughing amongst all of the talking. Come see this show, People!

  7. Anatomica……. –
    Amica Hunter

    This is a show that needs to be seen to be understood. I saw it, not sure that I understood it, but thoroughly enjoyed it! People, we do not think enough about the nature of our own skeletons, or even what is the preferred form of skeleton. If you would like to learn the best form, come see this show!!!

  8. S’Will 3. I saw MND at the theater at Fresno State many years ago when KP played puck on roller skates. This whole thing with Fools’ Collaborative might as well be on roller skates. It moves so fast in order to fit itself into one hour, that you must not stop paying attention. However, the performances and tomfoolery hold your attention so you don’t miss anything. Thoroughly worth your time and funds to go see this great show. Check out other things they may be doing throughout the year. They put on a Christmas show every year that is a delight.

  9. Martin Dockery, Every Good Story Ends With One, WOW as usual. Always a good performer. Another story of personal experience told by someone who can wring every last laugh out of you. He always hits the place in your heart that makes you laugh or cry. This is one of laughter. His delivery always has you hanging on the edge of your seat for the next word. Any time he comes to town for Rogue, it is a must see show.

  10. Benjamin’s Passion – Dianna’s Studio of Dance
    Elizabeth Du Val

    Moving. Magnificent. Must-See.

    Du Val’s performance was the last piece I saw last night and I haven’t been able to shake it. Her characterizations are informed and graceful. Her wit is wry and unassuming, until the last five minutes when the lead up and attention to detail slams you like a bat to the back of the head.

    This work makes us all consider what happens when we’re not doing the work that we were designed to do. Meaningful for any aging artist that has seen some setbacks. I’m shaken. Go see this.

  11. The Curve – Dianna’s Studio of Dance
    Genie Cartier

    Multidimensional. Acrobatic. Funny. Sometimes it’s like you’re watching an old timey movie. Other times it’s like you’re listening to NPR. The physical prowess of this performer is second to none at this festival.

    Great physical comic timing – it’s not just anyone who can deliver a line while balancing inverted on a folding chair. Not only is she great on her feet and on her hands, Cartier is a genius writer. Her language, pacing, and frankness sets the audience up for the fun, humility, and adventurousness of this terrific show.

  12. “Every Good Story Ends with One”
    Martin Dockery
    Longtime Fringe Festival performer (worldwide) returns yet again to Fresno Rogue with another first rate show. Hilarious story about his participation in the Adelaide Fringe in Australia delivered in his high energy, frenetic style ending in a twist. If you’ve never seen a Dockery show — Go! If you have, you’ve probably already gone, or plan to. Show was sold out on my initial attempt last Saturday night, his first show.

  13. There is nothing better than a show that entertains while also teasing out why we accept our own beliefs and summarily reject others’.
    Paul Sussman’s “Beyond Belief” does all that with a wink and a smile. I laughed out loud at his telling of stories, cleverly written and earnestly presented. Like sitting in your living room with your smartest & funniest friend. A lovely way to spend an evening.

  14. The Captain – Vista
    Snake & Rod Theatre

    People, this is a really wonderful show! Very heartfelt and historical. If you want to learn a little about how Native People were treated, you will want to come! Will not promise that you will not leave a bit angry about injustice.

  15. The Curve Dianna’s School of Dance
    Genie Cartier

    So much to say about so many great shows…so little space/time. How does an unjuried festival end up with so many great shows? I will just have to take it one show at a time for now…Let’s start with THE CURVE.
    The Curve describes the life, ambitions and frustrations of circus performer, and Genie is a very talented physical performer. Her show includes a variety of dance as well as circus pieces, and they are a joy to watch. The piece is filled with humor despite the description of the challenges she faced. I think this show would be enjoyed by all…

  16. Where do I start?

    Week 1: Shows seen: Cabaret Macabre, Blood Harmony, We’re Doomed, S’Will 3
    I’ll be back for more, this coming weekend. I’ll let you know…

    Cabaret Macabre
    Burlesque, at its best isn’t stripping, it’s art and storytelling. We saw the premier performance. I won’t give anything away, except to say that the stories these ladies told, whether they intended to or not, stretched from Lovecraft to Lynch — “It’s NOT about the bunnies… or is it? No! It’s not about the bunnies” The finale completely sums up the beauty of Rogue, why I live in the Tower and why Fresno really is an amazing place to live.

    Blood Harmony
    Disclaimer: Leigh is a dear friend. That said, I love the set that these amazing people do. Normally, Blood Harmony is Leigh and her three daughters. Sometimes, the out-of-town daughter misses, and other times, the nurse can’t get the shift off to perform. Normally, when they perform, there are 3-4 voices. In this show, only two of the singers were able to make it, but as a duet, they lost nothing of the charm, beauty, and sophistication of the harmonies, as they laid out an hour of music from across the English-speaking world dealing with cheating husbands, death, murder, and other typically feminine topics. Whether 2-4, this group of women can stir the soul, soothe the fevered brow, and excite visions from other times.

    Don’t miss it.

    We’re Doomed
    Another disclaimer: Jaguar has been on my radio show more, over the last six years (whether talking Rogue or the Tower Theater), than any other guest, so this show was a must-see. Regardless, this really is a must-see show. This pointed, funny, thought-provoking monologue will give some hearty chuckles while making you think.

    S’Will 3
    My biggest complaint with Fresno theatre is that, for the most part, the local companies just pull up the standards (low royalty payments) and keep rehashing them, without any thought as to how to make them relevant to a 21st Century audience.

    S’Will 3 is the opposite. The only reason we have the plays of Shakespeare, today, is that they were written down, collected, and published. However, none of the plays were ever performed, word-for-word, as written. The plays were adapted as new actors came in and out of companies, and as local, regional, and world events unfolded. This version of Midsummer Night’s Dream is a perfect example of how William’s plays SHOULD be performed — minimal staging and lots of contemporary and localized elements — making it meaningful, exciting, and for various reasons, unique each time it’s performed.
    There are three elements that make this show special.
    First, for each performance, one cast member (decided ahead of time) must arrive at the performance hammered. That’s right, they need to be 3-sheets to the wind before they show up to the theatre. This is enhanced when the entire cast shares shots with one person (the queen) from the audience.
    Second, although it’s an abridged version of the original play, most of the dialogue is straight out of the folio, except where certain terms, provided by the audience prior to the start, are substituted for the names of people and things in the play. This makes it fun when names of contemporary figures, movies, songs or other present-day terms are substituted.
    Finally, as you may remember, at one point in the play, one of the cast is turned into an ass. In this version, he’s turned into a complete asshole.
    I enjoyed S’Will so much I’ve already purchased my ticket for the final show to be the capstone of my Rogue 2023 experience.
    Honestly, if you only see one more performance in this years rogue, it should be S’Will 3.

  17. Christopher W Swarth

    I listened to Paul Sussman’s ‘Beyond Belief’ show on Sunday. A string of interesting, funny, curious scenes and stories – delivered with sly wit and a twinkle in his eye. God, hallucinogens, premonitions of death, Sunday school. Stories that made me think about my own beliefs, beliefs that are not supported by any real evidence. He assumed several characters including his 8 year old self, an older sister, and a professional memory extractor – holding spirited, fast-paced dialogues with himself and others. These one-man conversations added a dynamic that captured my attention. Profound and funny, great stuff to ponder.

  18. We posted more Rogue Festival show reviews on KRL earlier this week.
    The reviews are for “Ashes to Ashes”, Hmong Class 101″, “The Real Black Swann: Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen”, “Through the Veil”, and “Rosegold”

    And 3 more Rogue Festival show reviews–this time for “Every Good Story Ends With One”, “Benjamin’s Passion”, and “Bully Love.” Remember there is still one more weekend of the Rogue Festival!

  19. Paul Sussman’s Beyond Belief at the Spectrum Gallery gave me a LOT to think about, with chucles along the way. He weaves an intriguing story with vivid characters that keep surfacing in my thoughts even days later. He’s got me wondering — what do I believe without evidence, and why?

  20. Paul Sussman’s show, “Beyond Belief” is NOT tO BE MISSED.
    I laughed a lot! And as a bonus I left with something to think about. It was an hour well spent.
    Sussman acts out 3 characters, who all are amusing & as a bonus each have something to say about the world we live in now.

  21. Tim Mannix’s Show at Hart’s Havens is everything thing you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s peas and carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy, grape Kool-aid on a hot day, and the toastyiest of toast. If Carrol Channing were still alive she would be in the front row every night. I hope you will go see this Magic Tour De Force. You won’t regret it….and bring the kids! Oh and bring your great great Granny too!

  22. Big Shout Out for Tony Imperatrice, This Music is Making Me Thirsty at Spectrum. Wonderful combination of Tony’s amazing performance on his personally invented and constructed portable organ. The incredible music is all new, pieces he wrote during the pandemic. Don’t miss this one!

  23. Murray Girls: I was so looking forward to seeing this group to hear the harmonies and fullness of the four voices. However, it turned out to be a duet, not a quartet. It takes a lot of juggling and planning to see all of the shows that you want to see, and I know that I would have changed my plans to see them at a later show if I had known that only half of the group was showing up. No explanation, no apology, no warning from the two performers that it would only be them. I can only imagine how good they must sound with all four voices. This was a real disappointment.

  24. I saw Tim Mannix do a magic show at Hart’s Haven last night and it was so entertaining. I was amazed by the magic tricks but also laughed the entire time. Tim was sooooo funny. He mixed humor with magic and it was the best show I’ve attended at the Rogue Festival this far

  25. Beyond Belief – Paul Sussman

    This guy is FUNNY and also THOUGHT-PROVOKING! The writing and performance is crisp and clever.
    Paul skillfully plays a handful of different characters, including himself now (a skeptical adult) & as a more gullible child. He tells stories about occasions in his life when he believed in something without evidence. This is material we can all relate to.

  26. Joey Rinaldi: Too Many Stories
    A true comedy show, Joey allows the audience to choose the comedic bits to share so no show is the same. He has good timing and will leave you laughing at all the wild things that have happened to him.

  27. Kurt Fitzpatrick: The Jester of All Maladies
    Saw Kurt’s last show of Rogue at Spectrum on Sunday and it did not disappoint. Kurt’s tale about his cancer diagnosis and his introspection during this time was both thought-provoking and witty. There is no crying in this tale, just laughs (lot’s of 80’s references!). He is a wonderful storyteller and while you may have missed him this rogue, watch out for him at the next one!

  28. Other People’s Showers – Spectrum
    Dorian Follansbee

    Dorian’s story is cleverly told, raw, and compelling. She’s a mighty spirit indeed!

  29. The Real Black Swann – LAByrinth
    Kurkendaal Barrett Presentations

    This is a very well-done, thought-provoking show. Have seen this before, and each iteration gets better and better! If you need to get slapped in the brain by some shameful history (AND YOU DO), come see this show!

  30. Fringe Factor – LAByrinth
    Minion Productions

    If you are excited by the mayhem that is a Fringe Factor, too bad. They are done for this Rogue. You will have to live with yourself until the next time that they roll into town. Hope you make it through the dreary times.

  31. Every Good Story Ends With One – LAByrinth
    Martin Dockery

    Fresno is a better place when Martin Dockery comes to town!!! His humorous storytelling makes your face hurt. If you enjoy cramping your laugh muscles, you will love his show!

  32. “What Fools These Mortals Be” [Midsummer’s Night Dream]
    S’Will 3 at the Vista Theater

    The cast is clearly having great fun with this boisterous romp as Shakespeare’s characters do…well…they do whatever they are doing with great energy, tonal pitches, inventive costume changes that would never be seen at the Old Globe!! However, for those of us who last read MND in high school or college and haven’t seen a production of it recently, this heart-felt comedic performance would be much better appreciated for its cleverness if one beforehand refreshes one’s memory of Will’s original play BEFORE enjoying this performance.
    Google “Midsummer’s Night Dream” and get a Wiki or other refresher on the original’s cast of characters and the multiple subplots. It would not take long to do and would make this performance even more enjoyable.

    Their previous year’s version of “Hamlet” was also marvelously enjoyable. I’d love to see what they’d do with Macbeth, Julius Caesar, or Romeo and Juliet.

  33. “Too Many Stories” at the Spectrum Gallery
    Joey Rinaldi (from New York City)

    One of the hit shows of this year’s Rogue. Rinaldi is an animated, personable, energetic story teller, who has a storyboard of some 16 or so tales he can tell by audience choice. Our performance had time for three, which left one bursting out laughing time after time as the tales enfolded. It is a “don’t miss” tour de force performance telling about things which have happened to him.

    *Any constructive suggestions: The venue is small enough that the amplification on the microphone could be diminished, as the sound level need not be so loud for such a small space

  34. Artimus Blunderbusk

    ROSEGOLD!!! Amazing show! Dark, deep, unexpected and simply captivating. Donna has a way of bringing life to her characters in every show I’ve seen her perform, in ways that are unexpected and mind-blowing. This is no exception. The way she becomes the character subject of this show hits a chord that, at least for me, forces reflection on the ways we cope, the mistakes we make, the gritty depths of our humanity. I cried a bit, and I’m so glad i did. Bravo.

  35. Hmong Class 101 – LAByrinth
    Jasmi ne Vang

    This is a heartfelt story that everyone in Fresno needs to see. EVERYONE. Learn about your neighbor’s story.

  36. Cabaret Macabre – LAByrinth
    Maverick Burlesque

    Provocative and thematic. If you are fond of sensual entertainment, this show is for you! Enjoyed it!!!

  37. RoseGold – LAByrinth
    Donna K. Yarborough

    A tremendous show that is part horror/part AA. Not my first time seeing it, not my last. RoseGold is good, People, come see it!!!

  38. He Wants to Run – Dianna’s Studio of Dance
    David Kleinberg

    An intimate, thought-provoking performance. If you love dogs, and even if you don’t, I highly recommend this show!

  39. Show: Tim Mannix, Magician
    Venue: Hart’s Haven

    Had a blast! I’ve never been to a magic show like this before. Tim was super funny and great with the crowd. I left baffled by some of his tricks and in a better mood! Tim is a one-of-a-kind performer that is great for audiences of all ages! Can’t wait to see him perform again!

  40. SHOW,/ Tim Mannix, Magician
    Venue: Hart’s Haven

    Omg this guy had me laughing, me and my gurl friends had the best time will definitely be seeing this man again in the future.

  41. Tim Mannix was an expert at keeping the audience engaged and guessing with his witty banter and impeccable showmanship. He had a natural charisma that made him instantly likable and relatable, and it was clear that he was having just as much fun performing as we were watching.

    The illusions themselves were nothing short of astounding. From classic card tricks to elaborate stage illusions, each one was executed flawlessly and left the audience gasping in amazement. I particularly enjoyed the way Tim incorporated audience participation into the show, making it feel like we were all part of the magic.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this magic show to anyone looking for a night of unforgettable entertainment. Tim’s skill, charisma, and expertly crafted illusions make for a truly magical experience that is not to be missed.

  42. Cabaret Macabre Burlesque
    Labyrinth Art Collective

    We love the Burlesque shows at Rogue Fest they are so much fun, and this year the ladies did not disappoint. A great time and it looked like you all had a great time doing it.
    Great show for a date night!!

    Thanks to all of the volunteers, and the lovely ladies who keep these great shows going!!

  43. I was very impressed with Emily Peabody’s lively and riveting portrayal of Jeanette Rankin. It was informative, educational and entertaining. Jeanette Rankin, first woman elected to US Congress was ahead of her time; a suffragist and a champion for social justice, she lived a memorable life. Thank you Emily for your performance.

  44. We’re Just Tawking
    Andrea Phillips

    Andrea talks about her life experiences and observations with humor. Andrea brings her wit and charm and has fun engaging with the audience.

  45. Genie Cartier’s “The Curve” is such a fun and fantastically heartwarming show! Her skill, variety, and craftsmanship really show through in this multi-genred tour of her life. Go see it! You’ll be glad you did.

  46. “Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence” (at the Spectrum Art Gallery): Performer J. Emily Peabody becomes Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress, and tells her animated story through an exciting first person vantage.

    Very educational, passionate and well done.


  47. Ryan Adam Wells- The 500 List
    While not “officially” on the rogue list. I got a chance to see this performance on Saturday and it did not disappoint. Emotional, sad, hopeful, and funny. Ryan uses a mix of monologue and music to talk about an important moment in his life. Highly recommend if you want to laugh and are ok with crying too. Ryan is an excellent singer and his presence really fills the room. He’s doing one more show of The 500 List at Harts Haven on Friday at 10pm, I recommend you check it out. I will also be checking out his official rogue show Powers!

  48. Martín Dockery- Every Good Story Ends With One
    This is my second Dockery show, but he is a long-time rogue presenter and very well regarded. Last nights show was no exception. He gives a hilarious monologue about an event that occurred many years ago. The whole crowd was laughing and his timing, presence is great. Very different style then the last three shows he brought to Fresno but definitely worth checking out!

  49. Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence. By Emily Peabody, Spectrum
    Wonderful, energizing performance depicting the life of a ♀️ who devoted herself to righting the wrongs in society. Inspirational call to seek peace and justice. Go and feel up lifted and connected to history.

  50. We’re Doomed – VVV
    Jaguar Bennett

    What can be said about Jaguar that Jaguar has not said (lies, but that is a different show) about Himself? If you are convinced that the world will not implode upon itself within your lifetime, then you need to come out to this show and get taught a lesson.

  51. Brother Love’s show is absolutely hilarious. So good! Creative, irreverent, and a little close to home (for recovering religiholics). See this show!

  52. Emily Peabody’s show was riveting and educational! She really brought Jeanette Rankin to life in her performance! I recommend this play to practically everybody, especially schoolchildren and college students!

  53. Blood Harmony – VVV
    Murray Girls

    A perennial personal Rogue Favorite, their show does not disappoint. Irish ballads done right – sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always lovely voices. Come catch their show, People.

  54. Fresno Writers Live – VVV
    Fresno State Creative Writing

    Very good readings from Fresno State students. If you want to hear some amazing young people pour their hearts and souls into words and then tell your their words, you should catch this show!

  55. RockOn! At the Rogue – VVV

    Cannot say enough about the wonderful music and infectious spirit of this band! If you want a reason to believe that the world will not implode within your lifetime, come see these tremendously talented young guys!!!

    Hope Lafferty

    Story-telling done well! Not full of belly laughs or cursing, just nice, funny situations. Recommend highly, especially if you want to hear about someone who involuntarily injures themself on a decently regular basis.

  57. Anatomica— amazing. Amica is a one of a kind performer, and this show is an EXPERIENCE. Really stands out, you don’t wanna miss it!
    Rose gold (in program as “Titillated”)— whoa, this show blew my mind. I did not understand how a solo show could be a psychological thriller until I saw this. Especially poignant knowing that her father, who inspired the show, recently died.
    Inhibitionist!— definitely this show is in the wrong venue because it’s one that you really want to listen to every word (and not have waitstaff coming in and out), but nonetheless, very intellectual and fascinating. She is a great performer! Go see it!!
    Brother love— a brilliant idea, hilariously executed.
    Please support all the amazing artists in the rogue & see lots of shows!! <3

  58. The Curve
    Dianna’s Studio of Dance

    Funny. Empowering. Uplifting. Genie Cartier of Bow and Arrow Circus gives you acrobatics, burlesque, dance, and humor in an honest story of the triumphs and trials of the body as an art medium. Highly recommend for artists of all ages!

  59. Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence
    Spectrum — J. Emily Peabody

    I have known about Jeannette Rankin for many years, but I found a new appreciation for the woman after seeing Emily Peabody’s fascinating portrayal of her (Saturday afternoon at Spectrum Art Gallery). Rankin was a persistent and fearless advocate for peace and women’s rights during her 93 years on this planet. She was a woman far ahead of her times. For a woman born in 1880, her speeches and writings for peace and social justice seem eerily contemporary, as though they were written yesterday. The same struggles that she faced a century ago are still facing us today. I highly recommend this show.

  60. The Curve
    Dianna’s Studio of Dance

    Funny. Empowering. Uplifting. Genie Cartier of Bow & Arrow Circus gives you acrobatics, burlesque, dance, and humor in an honest story about the triumphs and trials of the body as an art medium. Highly recommend for artists of all ages!

  61. Nancy Waidtlow
    Jeanette Rankin: Champion of Persistence, at Spectrum
    Good historical presentation of an amazing woman. Well done.

  62. I saw Tim Mannix Magician: It’s Magic, But it’s Funny! at Hart’s Haven on Friday, March 3rd. I’ve never been to a magic show, but the experience was… well magical! The magician was very charismatic & ensured the audience was made an integral part of the magical experience. There were parts that I have seen only in movies & shows & there were magical acts that I’ve never seen performed in any capacity. This show filled me with joy & I would highly recommend it to others. Maybe take your partner out for dinner & a show, bring your kids & leave them full of wonder, or take friends & family. I believe this show is great for audiences of all ages!

  63. The Captain at VISTA. Narrator takes you through a seafaring adventure playing multiple parts expertly with the slightest change in stance and/or voice.
    Enlightening story of family, humanity and inhumanity. Very very good.

    Narrator promised to tighten up the story to fit the 60 minute time. Even though we didn’t get to hear the very end, I highly recommend this show.

  64. The Curve – A mix of gymnastics, broadway style dance, puppetry which is all beautifully woven together as she shares her life story with you. She really knows how to connect with an audience and is a wonderful, dynamic entertainer. One of my favorites so far!

  65. Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence
    J Emily Peabody
    Spectrum Art Gallery
    I loved this lively first person account of Rankin, elected to Congress even before passage of the 19th amendment! Imaginative costume changes while still story-telling enhanced the performance. You will feel like you encountered this real-life person of history and wonder why you hadn’t heard of her before.

  66. “How to Traffic a Clown”
    Hart’s Haven
    Very pleasant stage presence and delivery of a pretty horrible story . It is difficult to imagine the victimization of this particular woman, how it is carried out, and how she escapes. And the fact that sexual slavery persists in the underbelly of our world.

  67. “We’re Doomed” Jaguar Bennett
    Veni Vidi Vici
    Another necessary kick in the head from local funnyman and social critic, Jaguar Bennett. Fresno is so fortunate to have this guy around to challenge the status quo, skewer hypocrisy, point out the ugly facts, challenge us to do better, and, oh yeah, make us laugh along the way. A perennial Rogue staple.

  68. In “Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence” (at the Spectrum Art Gallery), J Emily Peabody becomes Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress.
    Peabody deftly mixes acting with a slideshow of vintage photos. We meet Rankin as a young adult and follow her through her elder years. Rankin is committed to working for a better life for everyone. Her concern for women, children and the downtrodden is her passion.
    As Rankin, Emily Peabody is serious, funny and thoroughly engaging. This show is for anyone prepared to be inspired by a life well lived.

  69. The Jester of All Maladies
    Kurt Fitzpatrick Spectrum
    Veteran Rogue performer, Kurt Fitzpatrick delivers on his finest effort so far. It is his hilarious account of dealing with his personal bout with cancer (not funny), and surviving . More than just another cancer story. Very entertaining, yet informative. And funny!

  70. Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence
    Spectrum — J. Emily Peabody
    Historical biography of Jeannette Rankin’s long lifetime of activism from the Women’s Suffrage Struggle in the early 20th Century and anti-war efforts from WWI, WWII, through Viet Nam until she passed in 1973. Prior to this show, I knew nothing about this amazing woman. Rogue 2023 is fortunate to have this informative and entertaining show. Extremely energetic and well performed. Go see it!

  71. Jenny Walker-Matott

    AJ Phillips show, We’re Just Tawking,
    Smart and charming wise guy vibes from AJ and her wealth of life experiences. Mixed generational appeal from this gorgeous “political orphan”.

  72. “This Music is Making Me Thirsty” Spectrum
    Tony Imperatrice
    A welcomed respite from the babble of too many story shows. Veteran Rogue performer, Imperatrice delivers once again.
    Even if you are not a fan of electronic techno influenced music. Good stuff!

  73. “Too Many Stories” Spectrum
    Joey Rinaldi
    Funny stories based on “real life” experiences. Enthusiastic, downright funny guy.
    Great standup.

  74. Too Many Stories – Spectrum Art Gallery
    Joey Rinaldi

    If you enjoy really good comedy, you can’t miss this show!

  75. Brother Love’s Good Time Gospel Hour at Goldstein’s
    Noam Osband

    So many belly laughs in this show – every bit as funny as last year. This one is a must see!

  76. Bully Love
    Katherine Glover returns to Fresno with a new show about her new love–her rescue dog. She shares stories of their relationship (boundaries set and broken) and adventures. I loved it. Every dog (and even some cat) owner should see this show!

  77. Brother Love!
    A new tent revival! I was worried that I couldn’t be saved more than I was from his last year’s show. I was wrong. Brother Love has new songs, new props, and new Bible verses that he uses in a totally (in)appropriate way which may leave you giggling and gasping for air.

  78. Too Many Stories
    Joey is a great storyteller. Audience members are invited to choose a story from a board of…interesting titles. After a story is selected, Joey takes the audience on a hilarious adventure that many in the audience can relate with. I highly recommend this show!

  79. Other People’s Showers – Spectrum
    Dorian Follansbee

    Other people’s showers can sometimes be kind of cringy. So has Dorian’s life been at times. A heartfelt lifestory that will make you walk away thinking better about yourself, and the fact that Dorian is such an amazing person today. Come see this show if you need to feel better about your own life, or if you just like Dorian, or if you just like a well-told story, People!!!

  80. Too Many Stories – Spectrum
    Joey Rinaldi

    Hilarious! A melange of situational stories about Joey’s life experiences. The funny titles of the stories lead to even more fun when the stories are told. To recap: Stories, Hilarity, Joey’s life. Come see this show if you like to f%^&ing laugh (especially if you like to laugh at things that did not happen to yourself), People!!!

  81. This Music is Making Me Thirsty – Spectrum
    Tony Imperatrice

    FANTASTIC! Was very moved by Tony’s performance, as usual, and very impressed as this was entirely original compositions. This is a music experience not to be missed! Come see this show if you like music, People!!!

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